Four Indonesian designers light up 2019 New York Fashion Week

Four Indonesian designers light up 2019 New York Fashion Week

Four Indonesian designers, namely Dian Pelangi, 2Madison Avenue by Maggie Hutauruk, Alleira Batik and Itang Yunasz, showcased the richness of Indonesian fashion at the 2019 New York Fashion Week (NYFW).  

Located on 775 Washington Street, New York, the designers presented a variety of designs in a show titled “Indonesian Diversity’, including street-style modest attire by Dian Pelangi; bohemian styles with a touch of Indonesian traditional fabrics by 2Madison Avenue; Alleira’s modern-style batik; and a modern take on traditional fabrics, including ikat (handwoven fabric) and songket (Palembang’s traditional gold-threaded woven fabric), by Itang Yunasz.

The fashion show was among Indonesia Fashion Gallery (IFG) New York’s efforts to promote local designers in New York.

Winanto Andi, the consul for social-cultural and information affairs at the Indonesian Consulate General in New York said in a video posted on IFG’s Instagram that the “Indonesian Diversity” Fall-Winter 2019 was a continuation of a similar program previously presented at past NYFW events.

He said that over the past three years, IFG as a showroom and Indonesian designers in the United States had tried to bring Indonesian designers to NYFW’s stage.

“NYFW is a world-class stage and it’s [a good opportunity] to showcase the richness of Indonesian fashion, culture as well as to present the creativity of Indonesian designers,” he said. (jes/kes)

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