Indonesian Diversity structs its collective at New York Fashion Week

Indonesian Diversity structs its collective at New York Fashion Week

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That time is here once again, it’s the first day of New York Fashion Weekhere in New York City where we see what fashion designers are tailoring up for fall/ winter 2019-20, loring out the bright colors and layers of all thicknesses we’ve come to know and love from September to March, it all kicked off today at Industria studios here in lower Manhattan as Indonesian Diversity sperheaded by Dian Pelangi got her designer corporative on the catwalk with a massive amount of looks to bring out the color, and the sexy.

Dian’s roots for Indonesian Diversity stem from her parent’s love for Indonesian culture and traditional fabrics, emphasizing on its exceptional craftsmenship and use of traditional woven fabrics known as Tenun, tie dye fabrics, and batik which makes it unique in the market.

Dian Pelangi brings her popular modest fashion, all hijabi looks to the runway with a fresh modern vibe and an homage to street style.

Indonesian Diversity in cooperation with Indonesia Fashion Gallery not only presents Dian Pelangi, but 2Madison Avenue, Alleira Batik, and Itang Yunasz are part of this wonderful, stunning, and exotic collective, highlighting the best in modern fashion, hijabs, and the modern woman from Jakarta.

2MadisonAvenue was founded by designer Maggie Hutauruk whose bohemian, artsy, chic style adds a modern fashion-forward touch using traditional Indonesian fabrics and are 100 percent locally made. 

Alleira Batik, one of the largest Batik retailers in Indonesia has successfully changed the perception of traditional batik into wearable pieces for the modern fashion lifestyle. 

Itang Yunasz, one of Indonesia’s prominent modest designers is known for using traditional patterns such as Batik, Ikat, tie-dye and songket to create stunning modest fashion looks that are fresh and inspiring.

Indonesian Diversity indeed has a large and devoted clientele, as evidence of that was proven today with attendees filling up the benches over at Industria, Indonesian Diversity is truly a high-end collection with more than cultured inspiration, it can seamlessly make appearances on the red carpet.





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