Feathers & frocks: NYFW recap Vol. 3!

Feathers & frocks: NYFW recap Vol. 3!

Okay, so real talk: I’m ready for NYFW to be over.

Truthfully, I’ve had so much fun with the whole experience, but what you don’t see if the rushing, the sweating, the dehydration, the time crunch, the running around, the blisters on my feet… okay, I’ll stop complaining now and leave my whole recap experience to another post (which I’m so excited to write by the way!).

This will probably be my last recap post since the bulk of the shows I went to happened yesterday and the day before (I still have a few sprinkled here and there).

My Monday started off with the Indonesian Diversity show, which took place at Spring Studios. This show I believe happens every season and highlights four Indonesian up and coming designers. It’s basically like four shows in one, which each designer showing a sampling of their collection.

2 Madison Avenue by Maggie Hutauruk Eddy

2 Madison Avenue by Maggie Hutauruk Eddy

Yogiswari Prajanti

 Yogiswari Prajanti



The first designer was 2 Madison Avenue by Maggie Hutauruk Eddy. The designs were very colorful and streetwear inspired.

From there, Yogiswari Prajanti took over the runway, whose designs were also colourful and featured cartoonish characters on the clothes over top of fun colored polka dots.

The third designer was Ayumi, which was very fashion forward. Think lots of texture and cute skirts and dresses, leaning more towards formal wear as opposed to a casual style.

Lastly, Julianto’s designs were my favourite from the whole show. His pieces were very done up and featured intricate beading and oversized ruffles. There were so many looks that I was in awe of and his collection was very showstopping.

On Tuesday, I hit up Pier59 for the Pamella Roland show. This show was the highlight for me since I went from standing to front row. I sat across from Nicki Hilton and Katherine McPhee (and a bunch of other females that looked very familiar) as models wearing beautiful dresses and suits strutted past.



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