New York Downmidup DressNew York Downmidup Dress
Sold out

New York Downmidup Dress

IDR 1,500,000
Varsity Jacket With Downmidup ArtVarsity Jacket With Downmidup Art

Varsity Jacket With Downmidup Art

IDR 1,200,000
GoUp Downmidup TopGoUp Downmidup Top

GoUp Downmidup Top

IDR 1,100,000
Downmidup Basic T-shirt-2MADISONAVENUE.COMDownmidup Basic T-shirt-2MADISONAVENUE.COM
Sold out

Downmidup Basic T-shirt

IDR 890,000
Represent Turtle Neck ShirtRepresent Turtle Neck Shirt

Represent Turtle Neck Shirt

IDR 790,000
Downmidup Basic Sweater-2MADISONAVENUE.COMDownmidup Basic Sweater-2MADISONAVENUE.COM
Sold out

Downmidup Basic Sweater

IDR 990,000
Harajume Top With DownmidupHarajume Top With Downmidup

Harajume Top With Downmidup

IDR 1,250,000
Gangsta Black Vest With DownmidupGangsta Black Vest With Downmidup

Gangsta Black Vest With Downmidup

IDR 990,000
Downmidup Basic Man Shirt-2MADISONAVENUE.COMDownmidup Basic Man Shirt-2MADISONAVENUE.COM
Sold out

Downmidup Basic Man Shirt

IDR 1,300,000
Ganger Shirt With Downmidup Basic BlackGanger Shirt With Downmidup Basic Black
Sold out
Harajume Dress With DownmidupHarajume Dress With Downmidup

Harajume Dress With Downmidup

IDR 1,600,000
Ganger Shirt With Downmidup Basic OrangeGanger Shirt With Downmidup Basic Orange
Sold out
Gangsta Denim Long Jacket With DownmidupGangsta Denim Long Jacket With Downmidup
Sold out
Summer Fine Dress With DownmidupSummer Fine Dress With Downmidup
Sold out

Summer Fine Dress With Downmidup

IDR 2,500,000
Bangin Dress With Downmidup-2MADISONAVENUE.COMBangin Dress With Downmidup-2MADISONAVENUE.COM

Bangin Dress With Downmidup

IDR 2,600,000
Finessing Dress With Downmidup-2MADISONAVENUE.COMFinessing Dress With Downmidup-2MADISONAVENUE.COM

Finessing Dress With Downmidup

IDR 1,500,000
Groovy Top With DownmidupGroovy Top With Downmidup

Groovy Top With Downmidup

IDR 1,500,000
Downmidup Signature Blazer-2MADISONAVENUE.COMDownmidup Signature Blazer-2MADISONAVENUE.COM
Sold out

Downmidup Signature Blazer

IDR 1,250,000

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